The Swedish Post Challenges iPhone Users to Deliver & Win Virtual Parcels

Swedish Post - Do You Have Sweden's Safest HandsIt seems that lately most of the innovative mobile applications and campaigns are coming out of Sweden. The latest example is the campaign for Posten (the Swedish Post), produced by ad agency Åkestam Holst and app developer From Stockholm with Love.

The campaign is looking for ‘Sweden’s Safest Hands’, handling a virtual delivery bicycle to deliver mystery parcels to their assigned destination. To participate, players first download the Trygga Händer (Safe Hands) app, then wait for the release of the parcels that happens daily at 6am, 12pm and 6pm. The players must deliver their parcel safely to it’s destination within 24 hours to win the mystery contents. The contents of the parcels are valued between SEK 300 to SEK 5,000 (USD $42 – $720).

The challenge takes advantage of iPhone features including the compass and GPS to detect and follow the route to the parcel’s destination. The accelerometer is used to keep track of the steadiness of the player. If the player moves too fast and jerky the bicycle will veer outside of the safety zone and the parcel is lost. The player must re-select their package and start again. To have a wider safety-zone to play within, participants can ‘power-up’ by finding and checking-in to a Swedish Post location.

The campaign is reminiscent of New Balance’s ‘Urban Dash’ Vodafone’s ‘Buffer Busters’ or Mini Getaway games, all of which combine real world activity with mobile technologies in innovative ways. Coincidently those three games were created by Monterosa, another Swedish developer.

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