The Vaccines Crowdsource New Video From Fans’ Instagram Pics

The VaccinesWay back in 1988 Bon Jovi literally crowdsourced clips for their Bad Medicine video in a very ‘old school’ way. They distributed video and film cameras to 250 fans and told them to shoot whatever they want. 23 years later. Imagine how easy it would be to create a video like this in 2011 when it seems like everyone has a camera pointed at the stage.

One of the hottest new bands out of the UK in 2011 is the Vaccines. Their debut album, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? went to #4 in the UK charts. They’re due here in Toronto for a sold out show on September 27th at The Phoenix.

The band is looking to create a new video for the track ‘Wetsuit’ using images that their fans have captured using the iPhone app Instagram. Fans are asked to upload their best images from summer festivals with the hashtag #VACCINESVIDEO. Fans without iPhones can email their pictures to So far over 650 videos have been pulled into a gallery from Instagram.

This is not the first time that Instragram has been used by music artists this summer. Previously I posted about The Deftones and Moby using the app.

Projects like this are great examples of the bonds that can be created between performers and their audience through crowdsourcing content through social media platforms. In the past a project like this would have taken several months to pull together, if it could have been done at all.

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