The VIP Fridge Magnet Brings Pizza at the Touch of a Button

VIP Fridge MagnetEven in the very early days of the web, the dream of ordering pizza directly from your computer was alive and well. In 1994 Pizza Hut became the first national chain to launch a website with online ordering in a test to customers in Santa Cruz, CA.

In 2012, ordering a pizza using your computer or smartphone is commonplace, but Dubai’s Red Tomato Pizza has taken pizza ordering to a whole new level of simplicity with the VIP Fridge Magnet. The VIP Fridge Magnet utilizes Bluetooth technology allowing customers to order pizza by simply pressing one button. When the button is pressed a preset order is automatically sent to the pizzeria. An SMS message is sent back to the user to confirm the order.

I imagine that Port Credit, ON may be a little out of Red Tomato’s delivery area, but that Alla Carni e Chilli Pizza on the menu sounds very appetizing. I certainly hope that the VIP Fridge Magnet isn’t some kind of cruel April Fool’s joke.

The project was created by Dubai-based TBWARAAD.

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