Tic Tac’s ‘Worst Breath in the World’ Promotion Has People Fainting in the Streets

Tic Tac France - Worst Breath in the WorldOn March 21 a clever bit of experiential marketing by Tic Tac had residents of Rouen, France literally dropping in the streets. The promotion states that ‘the breath of a polecat, hyena, jackal or goat can do more damage than you think.

Several unsuspecting people were approached for directions, when they responded the entire square full of people began to collapse. You can see the instant shock and disbelief on people’s faces as they find themselves at the centre of a scene like something out of a horror movie. As a video begins to play on a screen that showing others in the town also fainting (some in quite spectacular ways), they begin to realize that the joke is on them.

The ‘Worst Breath in the World’ campaign comes from Ogilvy Mather Paris.

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