Topless Female Trampolining Raises Awareness of Male Breast Cancer

Topless Female Trampoling World Championships

Lars Larson (Irish-actor and MCAC-ambassador Chris O’Dowd), may have the worst Swedish accent in the world, but in his role as Health & Safety Officer of the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships, Lars may just have the best job in the world.

And, while these Championships may be fictional, it may not be too late to start campaigning for topless trampolining to be included in the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil.

The campaign’s real goal is to raise awareness of breast cancer in men, and was created by UK non-profits MCAC (Male Cancer Awarness Campaign) and CoppaFeel.

While breast cancer is relatively rare in men, 300 men in the UK, 200 men in Canada and about 2,190 in the US will be diagnosed with the disease.


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