Toronto Pearson Airport Unveils New Logo and Site Makeover

New Pearson Airport Branding & Website

Today the GTAA launched a re-brand of Pearson International Airport as simply Toronto Pearson, which is pretty much what we all called it before anyway.

The re-brand includes a new logo, colour scheme and new slogan: For You, The World.

“The logo’s multiple, vibrant colours represent the cultural diversity of Toronto and the world we provide access to. Together, the lines create a human figure that is embracing and reaching out to the world,” says Pamela Griffith-Jones. “For You. The World” puts our customers at the centre of it all, conveying our commitment to being the ultimate host while reminding them of our global reach.”

As is expected with any major rebranding, there is plenty of criticism of the new logo with most comments on the BlogTO article referring to it’s resemblance to a chalk outline (albeit a very colourful one).

The re-brand including a much-needed makeover of the website including the web address itself from to

The site design is bold, modern and airy – a welcome change from the previous version. I am surprised how far the Flight Search is down the page, as there seems to be a lot of space given up to promoting the new brand and upcoming events.

Another glaring point is the absence of a site optimized for mobile, however it is mentioned in the press release the new website well service as a platform for future mobile services.

All in all, a welcome makeover for an important Toronto web property, I’m just not sure about that logo.

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