Tour Operator Asks Belgians to Get Plastered

Neckermann 'Gips voor Trips'It’s not unheard of for people to return from a vacation on the ski slopes with at least one part of their body encased in plaster. Belgian tour operator Neckermann has decided to get an early start on the season with their ‘Gips voor trips‘ (Plaster for trips) campaign. They are challenging customers to wear a plaster cast on their arm for a week and ask their friends to vote on their plaster cast picture. The person who keeps the cast on for a week and gets the most votes wins a ski vacation for 6 to Massif des Aravis in France.

Last weekend 88 people made their way into the Neckermann offices in Liege and Antwerp to get their arms encased in bright yellow plaster casts (featuring a prominent Neckermann logo). After flipping through all the pictures on the Facebook page it looks like at least 2 people went a little further and had their entire head plastered, I’m sure they’re having some regrets mid way through the week.

It’s a cute campaign, but I can’t help but think that one week in an arm cast is too easy. Let’s see how many of the participants could make it 30 days.

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