Publishes TV Social Power Rankings

TV Guide - Social Power RankingsWhat TV shows are being discussed the most on Social Media? TV Guide knows, and has just launched their TV Social Power Rankings chart. The chart is a continuously updated chart that ranks all TV shows based on how many people are checking in, or posting about them on Facebook, Twitter or discussing them on itself.

Neilson and Yahoo revealed that 86% of mobile phone users use the internet on their device while watching TV. Of those people, 33% were using mobile apps, 37% were browsing the internet and 40% were interacting with their friends on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Social TV applications like Social Guide – which I wrote about previously – go a but further and show which shows are being ranked the highest during any time period throughout the day. SocialGuide also assembles a chart of most popular shows overall called the Social 100, currently topped by Jersey Shore, and Trendrr.TV’s Social Television Charts.

Check out who’s topping the Social Power Ranking chart today?

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