UK Car Fans Play Hide and Seek to Win a New Citroën DS4

Citroen DS4 SeekersCitroën UK has launched DS4 Seekers, a new mobile and online multi-player game designed to promote the sporty new Citroen DS4.

Each day for 10 days starting July 19, registered players were given a virtual DS4 to hide somewhere on the streets and roadways around the UK. The players use the DS4 Seekers app and web interface to both hide and find the hidden DS4s on Google Maps or a Street View of their area. Points are earned for both hiding and finding cars, with each point giving the player an entry into the draw for a real-life Citroën DS4.

I’m curious to see what the online and mobile game interface actually looks like. It’s not clear from the promotional video above exactly how the game play actually works.

The campaign was created and produced by OMD and Candyspace Media. For more information check out the Citroën UK Facebook page.

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