Use Your Mobile Phone to Take Action for Victims of Domestic Abuse

National Centre for Domestic ViolenceA series of interactive digital billboards at London’s Euston Railway Station is raising awareness about how a person can help put a stop to domestic violence.

The billboard for the National Centre for Domestic Violence shows an angry man verbally abusing and acting in a threatening manner towards a frightened woman. After a few seconds a message appears urging viewers to ‘Use Your Phone to Stop This Now – Drag Him Away at At the mobile site, the viewer can swipe their finger on the screen to pull the man away from the woman. The action is repeated at the train station as the man is pulled away across five adjacent digital screens revealing the message ‘An Injunction Will Put Distance Between a Victim and Their Abuser’.

The ‘Drag Him Away’ campaign was created by JWT London, and was produced by Grand Visual.


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