‘Woolly Actors Guild’ Exposes Never Before Seen Clips from Scarface, Jaws, Notting Hill, & Jurassic Park

Comic Relief Woolly Actors GuildWoolly TV personality ‘Monkey‘ is speaking out on behalf of the Wooly Actor’s Guild. ‘WAG’ is an organization that supports equal employment opportunities for all actors, whether they be woolly, furry, feathered or flesh. Their aim, to educate the film industry on the abilities of ‘assisted actors’ and fight for serious roles. You can add your name to the petition of support here.

To illustrate the serious acting chops of these woolly actors, Monkey has managed to unearth never-before-seen movie clips featuring famous British children’s show characters Bungle, George and Zippy from Rainbow; as well as Bagpuss, star of his own show in 1974.

Watch as Bagpuss portraying a prehistoric killing machine in Jurassic Park destroys a portable toilet and devours a cowering accountant. Or stand aghast as Skippy unleashes heck via his ‘little friend’ in Scarface. George the Hippo kicks back in the tub in this rejected clip from Notting Hill, and Bungle the Bear faces the killer shark in Jaws.

The campaign comes from UK charity Comic Relief and was created by agency Mother London.


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