Would You Live at Vancouver Airport for 80 Days?

Live at Vancouver Airport for 80 DaysThe majority of people would do what ever they can to get in and out of airport as fast as possible, but to celebrate it’s 80th Anniversary, Vancouver Airport is looking for someone to live there for 80 days and share the stories of the airport with the world.

The submission round has just wrapped up with (I count) 96 video entries on the Live@YVR contest website. The Vancouver Airport Authority judges will select a group of finalists for a public voting period beginning on July 25 and ending August 5.

The winner will begin their 80 day adventure on August 17 and remain there til November 4, but don’t think that the winner will be sleeping under benches in the departure lounge. They’ll have their own room at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, and meals provided by YVR food retailers. They’ll also be allowed to spend time outdoors enjoying the walking trails around Sea Island.

The airport will provide a mobile phone, data plan, video camera and editing equipment and a $15,000 honorarium at the end of the 80 days.

This is a very entertaining concept to celebrate Vancouver Airport’s 80th birthday, I’m looking forward to the stories.

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